Sunday, April 2, 2006

oh my poor friend...!

I've talked to Rob a few times today and as of 8:50pm, Holly is *still* in labor! Seriously, if I didn't want kids before, I *really* don't want them now! Rob is having a real hard time seeing Holly in pain and Holly is beyond tired since the contractions aren't letting her get any sleep. I so hope I get a phone call soon from them saying little T.J. has finally arrived! My poor friends!

Yesterday's poker tournament was a Hoot! I wasn't the first one out, I think I was the 4th (out of 9), which means I didn't win diddly. :) I was actually doing pretty well in the beginning, I got a bunch of chips from everyone with 2 straights. Then I went in against Larry, who was all in, and lost that hand because his straight was one number higher than mine. Ah well! We all had a really good time for the most part. Once it got down to 3, then 2 people, it got very serious, very quickly. It didn't help that we were playing with the blinds going up every 30 mins. either - just added more pressure. But, Heidi reigned supreme and walked away with the First Place cash prize and the medal. :) Sandra got the 2nd place cash prize, which wasn't bad. I didn't really lose my shirt, I was just kidding. :)

I didn't get home until pretty late, and then Holly & Rob came with the dogs, so I just went to bed. I think I was still pretty tired from Friday. :) Which, btw, looks like I did absolutely nothing. lol I'll notice the changes in a couple of weeks I'm sure.

I had a leisurely morning until I decided to do homework. I'm really liking this class!! I got all of my assignments posted today (they're due Wed), and started on next week's assignments. I'll be in this class when I start traveling in May, so I have to make sure everything is posted beforehand. I'll be away for the first couple of weeks of my next class so I have to find out how to handle that - if I can make it up, or turn stuff in early so I don't get bumped from the class. I have time to figure that one out, thankfully.

After I was done with that, I went over to my flyball captain's house for a team meeting. We need to get the ball rolling for the tournament we're hosting in mid-June. I think you'd be surprised at how much work is involved in running one of these things! Oh, and since half of the team will have newborns, and the other half will be ready to give birth, we'll be very short-handed. Anybody feel up to helping out for a weekend? It's fun! :) I can teach you everything you need to know. :)

I've been on the computer since I got home, doing some homework and returning emails so I think it's time I spent some time cuddling with my beautiful, furry kids. :)


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