Thursday, May 10, 2007

can't sleep....

So I got up to walk around the house a bit, check mail, et., when I remembered I haven't blogged in a coupla days. It takes me so damn long to type anything now I dread the laptop.

Yesterday, I did nothing. Nada. Zilch. At least I think I did nothing, I'm not really sure tho'. Oh wait, I did a load of laundry and read the requirements for the class that started today. It was a Dog the Bounty Hunter on Tivo kind of day. I didn't even turn the damn thing on today, which means I'm behind. Again.

Today was different tho'. Dave the exterminator came up to do some killing. :) And killing he did! He took out 2 Carpenter Bees and 4 hornets nests. He said it was early for them to build nests. Ha. I guess he learned his lesson. I think they like the front of my house because of how much sun it gets. Someday they'll learn. If not, I'll just have Dave keep killing them. :p

Jason came over to start the bookcase project. I did what I could, which was really not a whole hell of a lot. I handed him towels, got water, hit Home Depot a couple of times, put my hand there when he needed me to (get your minds out of the gutter), sat and watched, grilled lunch, sat and watched some more - all while he worked so hard in the glaring sun. Did you know it was supposed to be 87 degrees out today? I didn't.

My hand certainly didn't like the weather. Hot and sweaty doesn't mix well with incisions, let me tell you.

Anyway, he decided to build it in three separate sections and actually got the two end ones done! Amazing. I was trying to learn from him while he was working without actually hovering over him. What I need to do is see where he makes his cuts. Anyone can measure, it's the cutting that's important. So, I'll try not to be a pest but will pay more attention tomorrow.

I put the AC on in the bedroom and tossed all the dogs in there while Dave was here. I can't have them going near all those chemicals. He says it dries in an hour and then it's safe, but I always give it more than that before letting them out, just in case. Today it happened to be 6 hours. Can't be too careful.

I'm going to attempt to do dishes with one hand tomorrow. I may even record it because I'm sure it'll be stupidly funny. I'll just have to figure out how to bleep out all of the cursing first. :p
I have to get everything together for the tourney. I'm leaving here at 3pm so we can get up there between 5 and 5:30pm. I printed out the directions, but have to write the hotel name on it so I know where the hell I'm going. I also have to get in touch with Renee to see where I'm meeting her. I have to bring the wheelie cooler up. The crates, grill, and chairs are in the car. Damn, I have to remember to ask Jason to take that seat out before he leaves.

I did homework after he left, read the chapter I was supposed to, posted messages on the discussion board, blah, blah, blah. I haven't much been in the learning mode lately. I'm hoping I snap out of that or I'll never move on to my bachelors. The good thing is that I don't have to take one class right after another, I can space them out and not get penalized or kicked out.

Tweak was sooooo freakin' cute today. With the furniture all over the damn place, she was able to walk on the back of the loveseat (one of her favorite places) without bumping into the wall. While I was sitting on the loveseat reading my homework, she walked along the back, plopped down behind my head, and rested her head over my shoulder. I could just eat her she's so damn cute!

Oh! I know what I did Wed, I shaved the cats! The poor things look *awful* since I'm not used to shaving with my left hand. But, they were much cooler and didn't mind being locked in the bathroom for the day (the chemicals y'know) since they got to lie on the cool tile in their new haircuts. I think Tweak is finally learning that they don't enjoy playing crocodiles and alligators. She only bugged them a couple of times tonight. Plus, when I told her to stop, she did. :)

I was THRILLED when it started raining and I heard the faint rumblings of thunder! Besides the fact that I *love* thunderstorms, I was really, really, really hoping she'd experience one before she was 14 weeks old! She was great! Just like every other "scary" situation, she bounced back in under a second. She heard the thunder, was puzzled when it was farther away, got a little scared when it was right on top of us, but immediately went to the screen to see what was going on. There were a couple of rumbles that had her tuck her tail, but those were really right on top of us and even Millie got spooked by them. But, she bounced right back to see what was going on. It was better than I could've hoped for!!

This weekend is another big weekend for her, she'll experience a full blown flyball tournament and all that it entails. She'll get to see most of her littermates again, and will be able to play with other puppies as well since Paula is bringing Coal with her. I think she'll be nice and tired by the time we get home. So will I. :p

Unfortunately I'm still not tired after 2 freakin' hours of typing. Ok, so it was more like one. I guess I'll go stare at the ceiling and hope I get tired soon.


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