Tuesday, May 8, 2007

doing well

Surgery went well. I'm recovering nicely. :)

I'm not in pain, which is surprising and super cool! The dogs know something is up and have taken it easy on me, napping when I have and playing together. I'm not up for tugging or training so the puppy is getting a break today.

I wanted pizza for dinner and found out, while looking for Domino's phone number online, that you can order and pay online! Woohoo! I so love technology when it works in your favor. :)

Tenille *finally* hauled off and smacked the shit out of Tweak today! I think her puppy license with them is expired. ;)

I forgot to mention that we started doing restrained recalls with Tweak at practice. I tried a technique Cheryl told me about - throwing the tug while running. I'm not even sure she noticed. :p She was totally on me the whole time, which is a good thing I think. :) After she "caught" me we'd run back to the tug and play.

Also, our team really does do everything together! Almost every single one of us have new'ish to new dogs! Paula surprised the team by bringing her new puppy to practice this week! Nancy is going to see her new puppy this weekend. Cindy has Mattingly, Renee has Ailis, Holly & Rob have Herbie, Angelica has Winston, I have Tweak, and Deb has...uhhh...I forget his name! Now we just have tot talk Phil into letting Susan have another dog and we'll be set. ;p Oh and Kate needs one. But since she's doing the baby thing this year, she'll jump on the dog bandwagon next year.

I couldn't handle the warmth of the day so I turned on the AC in the bedroom. I probably wouldn't have except I wasn't feeling that great from the anesthesia. I think it'll be cool enough to sleep in there tonight. I like it *cold* when I sleep - keeping the window open in the winter time kind of cold. :)

It's taken me about an hour to type all of this so I'm off. Tivo and I have been catching up today - I'm only 2 1/2 weeks behind. I caught up on CSI today, tonight is Dog the Bounty Hunter. :)



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