Saturday, May 19, 2007


Today was the day of errands. I left around 11am and got home around 3:30'ish. I went to Pet Edge and picked up an order I placed for me, Susan, and Nancy that I'll bring down to NJ with me. I ordered some steps that go next to the bed for Millie since jumping up there is getting hard for her these days - another sign of her getting old. They had the same thing I ordered in the clearance room for $30 cheaper. Sweet deal! I found a stupidly cute sweater for Tweak - it's pink with pink boa cuffs and collar. I'll put her in it and snap a quick pic before she tears it to shreds. :p It was only 2 bucks. :)

After that I went to Super Walmart to pick up a few things I need for dog camp next weekend. I think I'm just about set with that stuff and just need to continue making tugs. Have I mentioned how hard it is to make tugs with a 3 1/2 month old Border Collie in the room? No? I'm sure you can guess. :p

Speaking of the young BC, Tweak has devised a way to let me know when she needs to go out. She jumps up on the back door and hits the doorknob, which makes a rattling kind of sound. She's hit it a few times today and I've let her out. Shes run outside and pee'ed each time. Yay!

After Walmart I went over to Jason's to drop off some poison ivy stuff. Apparently last night hit him harder this morning and he was kinda hurting. :p He was supposed to finish the facing today, but instead was going to relax on the couch for the day. He'll do it tomorrow morning, which, in Jason time, is just before noon. :)

Dad should be by around then too. I think. Maybe I'll make liver brownies.... I need to make them for dog camp. We'll see.



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