Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Pacie & Tweak are playing tug of war with a toy. Pacie, clearly the stronger of the two, is dragging her around the floor like a mop. :)

Work was crazy, as usual. Y'know how if you're going on vacation there's a bunch of crap that needs to be done before you leave? And you spend the entire week before running around like a chicken with your head cut off? Yeah, well I'm not getting the vacation but that's where I'm at.

Jason came by tonight to take measurements and stuff for the bookcase. I'm really excited though, it's going to be absolutely amazing when it's finished. I have a lot of demolition to do this weekend! I don't think I have much planned except for practice so I should have plenty of time. Oh wait, I think I'm going out Friday night. :p4

I've been reading up on teaching a dog self control. The best training in the world won't matter a bit if the dog doesn't learn some semblance of self-control. It's been 9 years since I've had a puppy and I need to refresh my memory. :) Anyway, I'm about half way through it and it seems I still have another month or so before I need to start teaching her. Hopefully she'll pick that up as easily as everything else. Heck, maybe she'll just have it normally! HA!!

She's so much fun though! Let's see, we've worked on sit, down, spin, & heel. Last night we started working on come. Tonight we worked on come again once Jason left. She's funny, she anticipates me calling her so she'll take a few steps, stop, turn, and look at me like "is this when I get the treat?" We do a little bit of training every day, small sessions, different commands each time. I feel like I'm so far behind, but she's only been here for a bit over a month! :)

Today I learned what prick ears are - ears that stand up. :) In Min Pins, we say they're either floppy or they stand up. Who would've thought there's a special name for it? haha I don't know if it happens at a certain age or not or if they're preferred over floppy ones. I think her ears are cute doing the half and half thing and I hope they stay that way. :)

Time to let the kids out and head to bed.


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