Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tweak's 1st flyball tourney

I think it's safe to say that we've now hit, and have exceeded, the 100 dog/person in 100 days thing. Tweak met just about everyone participating in the flyball tourney, met a ton of dogs, played with about a dozen puppies, including her siblings. :) It was really interesting to see how different their personalities are! Plus, they're growing at different rates as well - Tweak is pretty tall!

Freddie was solid like usual. He so knows his job - even coming back over the jumps when he bobbles the ball. He didn't use to so clearly he's getting better with age. :) I so love running him - we have such a good time. :)

Millie and Pacie stayed with my brother and his girlfriend at my house this weekend. It was still standing and Pacie is quite chunky so apparently they had a good weekend as well. :p

It was kinda tough with the one hand thing - I'm so glad Freddie is as easy to run as he is! But, the team all pitched in to help bring crates to and from the room. Now that's team work. ;)

Let me interrupt to say Tweak is one sneaky, and smart pup! She wanted the frisbee Pacie was playing with so she jumped on him and started wrestling with him. Once he got fed up, he jumped down and she pounced on the toy and ran away with it. He tried getting it from her once or twice and gave up. So she grabbed the toy and pranced in front of him with it until he started chasing her again. Not to shabby for a 3 month old puppy. :p

Anyway, we raced cleanly, but weren't good enough in our divisions. I think both teams took last place. It's a good thing we're not that competitive! hahaha

Monday I rested my hand. I kinda over-used it this weekend - shocking, I know. I got tires for my car, oil change, etc., which was just sitting around. I cleaned up the destruction debris that landed on the cellar stairs, tried to do a few dishes, picked up around the place a bit, and spent the rest of the time playing with the puppy, and catching up with tivo.

Jay came by today and built the third and final bookcase and nailed them into place. That wall is going to be so rocking when it's done. :p I'll be sure to post a picture once it's stained and full of books. :) I'll have no choice but to clean out the spare room then. :p

Tomorrow we're going to meet Kevin for lunch and then pick up the wood we need for Jay to face it. Whatever he needs, he'll get. I was a bad friend tho' by not creating a fully stocked wood shop in my basement for him so we have to take the wood back to his shop where all the "proper" equipment resides.

Ugh. I am soooo tired. I was up late last night and early this morning so it's time for bed.


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