Friday, May 18, 2007

tug toys

I'm a tug toy making fool. No, seriously, I am. I spent $80 in fleece at Joanne's today. *And* it was on SALE! The lady turned me on to this pizza wheel cutting thing tho', which is soooo much easier on my hand and a billion times faster than cutting it. Sweet. :)

I'm making tugs for 3 reasons. First is because my little girl is tugging for all she's worth these days - Yay!! I want to make sure I have tugs everywhere for little training sessions. Second, I'll be selling some down at dog camp in New Jersey next weekend, along with clickers, and some liver brownies. Third, my team will sell them at some of the demos that we'll do this summer. Anything to make money and support our flyball habit. :p

By the way, the lady at the Super Walmart in Salem told me that they're going to stop selling fabric!! Not all stores, but most I guess. Damn. I guess I'll only be able to buy fabric when I get those Joanne coupons.

I had a conference call this morning which was supposed to last for 1 1/2 hrs but only took 1/2 hr. I guess it was a good way to slowly get me back into the swing of things. Sigh.

After hitting Joanne's, I went to the dealership to get a few parts replaced. The audio controls on my steering wheel sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. Sometimes I'd go to turn the volume down and it would go up instead, or I'd go to change the track and the volume would go up. The power adapter (they used to be known as cigarette lighters) was hanging out so it was hard to plug stuff into it. It's so stupidly low that I need to get one of those adapters for it anyway. Apparently when I get back from Jersey, they'll have the new back seat in stock and that can be replaced. Jeez, it's only been a year. :p

I was gonna do all that bookcase stuff today but instead I worked on creating some of the stuff I'll need for Jersey. Oh, and making tug toys. Oh, and training the puppy. :) That's really been my day. I so wish it could continue like that....sigh.

Let's see. Tomorrow Jason is coming by finish facing the bookcase. I'll work on puttying and sanding then. Sunday my Dad is coming up to view the new wall and hang out. I'm hoping I can rope him into staining and polying too. :p Monday is (ARGH!) back to work. I really can't complain too much, I have Friday off so I can head down to camp.

At some point before then, I need to finish making tugs, make about 4 batches of liver brownies (that's 12 lbs. of liquified liver - yum), finish gathering all the things I need for camp, and pack everything up. I'm sure I'll be bored. Yup, lots of free time. :p


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