Saturday, May 5, 2007

destruction is fun!

So I demo'ed most of the half wall today. It was quite fun!! Some work, but still fun. It took about 5 or 6 hours and there's still more to do, but I didn't want a big gaping hole next to the cellar stairs. The dogs are smart enough, or frightened enough, but the puppy is still in a clueless stage and I'd like for her to not fall down the stairs and break her neck. :)

While I was busy swinging a hammer, the kids were outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Tweak got 4 paws in the pool today! For a while, I thought I had the only Border Collie in the world that didn't like water. :p Looks like that might change.

Terrie came over towards the end of the destruction. We went to the New Balance outlet to get new sneakers. I've blown out the heels on the 2 pairs I have and hers were like 2 years old. I found 3 pairs I like, a new gym bag, a couple of work-out shirts, some socks, and a water bottle - spending *far* more than I intended. Sigh.

After that we walked up to a restaurant in the square (don't blink or you'll miss it), had a few beers (Happy Cinco de Mayo - without the crappy beer requirement) and lunch. There was a wonderfully drunk guy at the bar. He made lunch fun. Not. :p

While there, we watched the Kentucky Derby. I've never sat and watched it before - interesting. I have no idea why it's as big as it is however. It's one race! They go around the track, what, once? Whatever floats your boat I guess. I just don't get it, nor am I impressed.

I'm of two minds about horse and dog racing. First, there's a part of me that really likes watching it! Is that surprising? Well, I do. The natural grace of the animal while in full run is incredible. Unless Planet Earth is going to do a special on wild stallions running across the land, I don't get to see that often. I can appreciate the beauty of the animal, the movement, the muscle's moving, the speed, it's all beautiful.

The other half of me wants to take the crops they use and whip the shit out of the riders. Fuckers. They don't give the horse an apple after it's done running, they do victory laps. The rider gets all the attention, not the horse. I'm sure it's good to walk the horse around after the run so it's muscles don't cramp up or something, but jeez, pay some attention to the horse!

(Kid Rock is on CSI:NY - what's up with that? And there's no mosh pit? How realistic is that?)

We came back here, where I did some training with the kiddo. It really doesn't seem like a lot does it? It's been a really full day though! The kids are all tuckered out. Millie, Freddie, and Pacie are under the blanket on the couch. The puppy is at my feet, head on my sneaker, passed out.

Tomorrow I have flyball practice from 8-10am. Then I'm dropping Freddie & Tweak off and picking up my baby cousin. We're heading down to the recording studio so she can make a demo CD. She has an amazing voice, hitting notes I couldn't hit in my dreams. I'm hoping she's going to take care of me when she's all rich and famous. :p

But, if I'm to get any of that done (I should really say - if I'm gonna get to flyball practice on time), I need to head to bed.

Oh, remind me to take an allergy pill in the morning please. I can't stand these itchy eyes anymore. I keep forgetting.


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