Thursday, May 3, 2007

new game

Tweak has a new game. From the couch, she'll do a kowabonga on to Millie's back, bite her neck, and hang on for dear life. :p Millie clearly doesn't mind or she would've told her off by now. Did you know Tweak's head can fit in Millie's mouth effortlessly? Neither did I, until Millie reminded Tweak of it yesterday when she pushed her too far. Being a hound/lab mix, she's got miles of extra, floppy skin that Tweak loves to grab. Right now the puppy is chewing on her front leg like it's a ham bone. :p

My morning routine has changed with the puppy. We get up, go potty outside (the dogs, not I), and when we come back in, we do some quick training with about 1/4 of her breakfast. Then it's bite inhibition time with Millie & Pacie while I check email, blog, etc. I'll jump in the shower after that, puppy goes in her crate with a bone. When I'm done we all go outside (weather permitting for me), they do their last bit of business, I'll pick up poop, water plants, or go through my mental to do list (which never shortens.)

That's about it. If you call, I'll be doing one of those things. :)

Last night I watched the Springloaded video on how to start training your puppy. I'm doing some things backwards, and haven't even started doing everything they recommend. I guess I better get on the ball with that. :)

The one thing I need to conquer quickly with her is grooming. She *hates* the slicker brush, no matter how lightly I brush her. I had an easier time giving her a bath than brushing her out! We're doing *tiny* sessions, like 10-30 seconds at at time. Since that's all I have to complain about, I won't complain.

Remind me not to turn on my IM in the morning please? I hate doing tech support before I've had my coffee. Gotta go.


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