Monday, March 31, 2008


I'd really like to know what happens to the weekends. It seems like they just get here and then they're gone.

I can tell Spring is here because Tweak's allergies are starting up. It's funny that hers hit before mine.

The first flyball practice was ok. I got her to stretch out her spitting from before the first jump to after the first jump. Apparently it clicked in her head on the 2 hr drive to the second practice because she was doing full runs by the end of the second practice without spitting.

One of the things I was taught in dog training was to wait. Show them something, give it some time, then go back to it. I had forgotten about that and was happy for the reminder.

After sweating my butt off for a few hours in the am and then again in the pm, I met up with George for a literal walk down memory lane. We walked by my old house, friend's old houses, stores we used to visit, and the school we used to go to. We told stories as we walked and had a good time reminiscing.

Then it was home for all the normal crap. Dinner, laundry, dogs, dishes, etc., etc.

Tonight we're doing it up right for a friend's birthday. I should really see if I can get a designated driver. :p

But now I'm going to change into my gym clothes and head to work. I think I like the getting ready at work thing but it's really too soon to tell for sure.


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Kim B said...

When will the new tattoo pics be posted ??? Am dying to see it !!