Friday, March 31, 2006

It's warm out there!

And I'm loving every second of it! I'm in taking a small break before continuing on to part two of today's festivities - planting. I've finished overseeding the lawn, including putting down the grub control. But since it's been so dry, I'm more dirty than sunburned due to the overseeder kicking up more dust than anything else. A shower is going to feel soooooo good after this!

While at HD, I found (of course) a few bulbs that looked nice and some small rhododendron bushes. Oh, and some purple sage too. :) Yes, I spent a *lot* of money there today. I got one each of pink, red, and purple bushes that I plan on planting on the left side of the house. They were priced so well that I couldn't pass them up. So, there are few other things to plant now. :)

The bad thing I found out, which I promptly ran away from, is that the bees are out. :( I know, I know... the bees are needed for pollination...whatever. They still suck.

And one good thing that happened, which was completely unexpected, was that I asked about some big stones that are in a pile at the end of the street on the construction site. According to the guy that helped me take the overseeder out of my car (:p), they're just going to be dumped. He asked me if I wanted a few and I said Yes!! That I'd love to line up a few of them in the front of my yard where it meets the street (there isn't a sidewalk.) He said he didn't think that would be a problem at all and would even use the Bobcat to get them over and placed where I wanted them. Woohoo!! Now people won't be able to park on my lawn while they're at the part at the end of the cul de sac! And I can plant rock cress and different mosses to make them look pretty! Woohoo again!!

Ok, before I get too comfortable and don't want to go do more work, I'm leaving to go do more work. :)


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