Monday, April 30, 2007

puppy says "Argh"

This is called "Crocodiles & Alligators" or "The Bitey game", whichever you prefer. Although it looks like my sweet, darling little puppy was turning into a vampiristic Cujo and directing her "fangs" at me, she wasn't. Those teeth were going for Millie's neck, a favorite to hang off of. :p

Tweak looks absolutely *evil* in that pic, and Millie, well, she just looks old. :( Sigh.

In other news, the pictures are up from Saturday and Sunday's activities - in the gallery. I'm too tired to tell you about them - but they were fun. I kinda wish I couldn't feel my uterus trying to escape my body, that would be cool. But alas, I am female and I must suffer. Don't worry tho', I'll be sharing my thoughts on *that* subject when I meet my maker. Things will change after that I'm sure. :p

work, work, work.


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nancy_days said...

I can't believe that sweet puppy could look so evil!! :)