Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I am such an idiot...

So, my rescue dog, Poe, was very excited about something on the other side of the fence this morning in the back yard. Most of my land is flat, but the way back has quite a slope on it. Of course he was in the farthest corner possible, up the slope. Calling him didn't work, offering food didn't work, threatening to beat his fat butt didn't help - he just wasn't coming into the house. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get ready for work, just got out of the shower, getting dressed, etc., etc. The last thing I want to do is try to scamper up this hill to get him. But, of course that's exactly what I had to do.

Did I mention I was dressed in work clothes? So, I got a leash and scampered up the stupid hill to get him. Getting down - not so easy. The soil is really loose right now and I had a hard time keeping my footing. Which of course, is the perfect time for Poe to hit the end of the leash as hard as he can, which he did. My careful descent turns into a scene from a Saturday morning cartoon with my arms flailing and me running (in small heels) down the hill to keep myself from falling. I had just reached the flat part of the yard when the little bastard did it again and pitched me forward. While trying to catch myself, I sprained my ankle... bad. Oh yeah, and then I fell, in my work clothes.

I limped back into the house, tossed Poe in the crate, changed my clothing and shoes, and finished getting ready for work. My ankle was very tender, but it wasn't swollen or anything so I thought I just tweaked it. But, after a day at work, my ankle is *huge* and I'm once again on the couch, not accomplishing anything. The ice pack is helping a bit, but I can tell I'm going to be sore for quite a bit from this.

I have a scrimmage to go to on Sunday with Freddie and a few green dogs from our team. I will *not* be running as I'm very sure I won't be able to. So, it looks like we'll be doing nothing but boxwork. Since Rob will be there with Sammi, I'm hoping he won't mind bring the box into the lanes all the time. :)

But, the good news is that I haven't been able to sit down and catch up with Tivo for a while so since I can't move, that's what I'll be able to do tonight. I would've liked to have been productive in a different way tho'!


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