Monday, March 20, 2006

one minute later.....

Flyball practice went well - not as productive as usual due to Cindy not being there and keeping us on track. :) But, we got 'er done. :) I really need to concentrate on Freddie's box turn these next few weeks - practice every day at dinner time using his food. I'm hoping to get some marginal improvement by the next tourney.

After that, I did some errands (except food shopping - damn!), took a nice relaxing bath, and got most of my homework done. Fairly productive day all in all.

I was supposed to watch Charlie & the Chocolate Factory last night but *someone* didn't want to...booger. So we watched 40 year old virgin instead. Although I completely adore C&CF, it was a good choice as the movie was freakin' hilarious! There were a few good quotes, which I'll have to write down the next time I see it, and I'll probably never allow the dogs in the bedroom if company comes over due to a scene in the movie. :) You know what I'm talking about. :)

Anyway, it was a really fun night and I was impressed that *someone* didn't get upset when we had to pause the movie so I could get dinner. :)

Time for work so I'm off to get clean and then get coffee. :)


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