Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Ouch, oUch, ouCh, & oucH

This isn't going to be long because I'm in a bunch of pain and really need to go lay down. But, I did get my homework done and since I'll apparently have no life this week because of my back, I'll have plenty of time to read ahead to the next assignments.

I hate feeling crappy and I hate being in pain. I guess that's the same for the rest of the world as well, but I just happen to have this nifty little blog to bitch into when I do feel that way. Aren't you just so thrilled?! :)

I am feeling a little better today than yesterday, but not by much. I spoke with my spine dr today and we've come up with a 2nd plan of attack since these diagnostic tests aren't helping right now. So, once I figure out what's causing the pain I shouldn't be having right now, then we'll start up again with diagnosing. What fun.

I did manage to go to work for most of the day and I brought stuff home to do so I won't be too far behind.Right now that ice pack is soooo calling my name so I'm off to melt into the couch (which I've spent far too much time on lately.)


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