Thursday, March 9, 2006

I've potentially been compromised!

At least that's what the bank said when I attempted to purchase lunch using my debit card today. They also said they sent out letters last week, of which, I got today - *after* I tried to use my card. The poor customer service girl that got my call - I flipped out. The end of the conversation went something along the lines of:
Me: Let me get this straight. You don't know which company's database was compromised, you don't know if my card in particular was compromised, you completely shut off my card for my own protection and left me without any way of accessing my own money but I won't receive my new card until next week?
Christine: That's right.
Me: And just how am I supposed to access my money until then?
Christine: Well, you can come into the office during normal business hours and make a withdrawal from a teller.
Me: I live in Methuen, you're in Everett. I'm not taking time off of work to drive down to Everett.
Christine: Well, we can also issue you a temporary ATM card.
Me: Could you have done that when you found out my card was compromised last week?
Christine: Yes
Me: Then why didn't you? And why am I just finding out about this now if you found out about it last week?
Christine: Well, we did send out letters letting you know.
Me: And that helps me access my money how?
Christine: Well, I know it's really frustrating, but there's nothing else we can do about it.
Me: Well, you're right. It is really frustrating but there is something *I* can do about it; you just lost my business. Thank you for your time.

Needless to say, I need to open an account at a new bank tomorrow. I'm a big fan of smaller businesses and I try to use the little Mom & Pop places within my own community as much as I can. Which is why I kept my account with them and didn't close it when I moved. But, I can't not have access to my hard earned money. All I can say is that the online bill payment thing better work tomorrow or they're going to get more than an earful from me.

Poe came into rescue today. He's an 8 year old, black & tan Min Pin - quite a big boy. He'll lose weight quickly enough though. If you think 8 is old, think again as Freddie is going to be 8 this year and he's still running very strong in flyball. :) Min Pins get old around 13 or so, and they usually live anywhere from 15-18 years on average. Apparently he has some food aggression issues, which is fine for me as everyone gets fed in their crates anyway. He also doesn't like to get his ears touched for some reason. Both important things any potential home should know about with him.

I also received a few emails from adoptive homes this morning. Caesar is doing well, but still barks at the husband. :) Bogey (aka Monkey) is also doing very well in his home. He's completely housebroken now and has learned how to communicate his need to go out to his owners. Bogey's home also sent pictures of Bogey and another dog I adopted out many years ago. :) I love seeing pictures of my fosters in their new home. :)

Thankfully my back is feeling better today and I was able to walk upright like a normal human. I'm not totally pain free, but about where I was before hand - much more tolerable level. :)

Would you believe I'm already booking up time in June with plans? Crazy. The next couple of weeks will be fairly benign, then I have 2 tourneys in April. I'm also going to see Cats in April. Then I have one or two tourneys in May and I'm heading down to New Jersey to do some teaching at Camp Barking Hills. So far I'll be teaching Flyball and an Intro to Clicker class. I hope to have the NJ Devil Dogs flyball team show up to do a demonstration as well. :) I think the last time I looked at my calendar, I have half of the month of May off. Just crazy. If you want to make plans, I'd suggest you tell me about it sooner rather than later!


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