Friday, March 24, 2006

I had yesterday off...kinda....

I worked from home in the morning as I had an appt. for a test mid-morning. I'm not going into details like normal, because it definitely falls into the "too much information" arena. Suffice it to say, I had a UDS done and I'm thankful that it's over with!

I had the rest of the day off after that, so I stopped by my cousin's house to see if she needed anything (she's on bed rest right now), and then hopped over to Super Walmart to pick up a few things. I spent way more money than a single gal should while food shopping, but I hadn't been in weeks because of the whole debit card issue. Let's just say that I won't run out of food for a looooong time. :)

I was in the mood to have dinner with *someone* so I called him up and gave him a choice of meals. Steak tips, garlic mashed, and carrots was his choice, so that's what I made. I ran out of propane about a minute into grilling the tips so I had to bring them inside and finish them on the inside grill. The marinade didn't get seared into them like they do on the grill, but apparently he didn't mind. :)

After that it was a night of being lazy, laying around watching TV. Since my ankle is still swollen, that wasn't a bad thing. I doubt I could've pulled off any wrestling moves if I had to. I watched Ultimate Fighting, or something like that, for the first time. I'll say it was....interesting. It seems like it's one of those things that's much easier to talk about (if he just hit him 3 times he'd be done), than do. :) Yeah, I don't think I'll be in one of those rings...umm....ever. :) Now, Monster Trucking is a completely different story! I will be at one of those live events someday, although I really wish I could be in the driver's seat. :)

Time to shower and head off to work. I'm not sure what's going on for tonight - actually, this weekend is fairly quiet as I really only have the scrimmage planned on Sunday so far. I have to get down to visit Eeek since I haven't seen him in a bit and he needs a dose of his "Aunty John". :) Maybe that's what I'll do Saturday... Who said I had to stay home and clean the house?! lol


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