Saturday, March 25, 2006

I'm blowing off homework tonight...

My little man Eek being all cute & coy

Honestly, I just don't feel like doing it so I'll have to make sure I really get it done tomorrow morning.

My grandparents are so damn cute it's not even funny. While I was having coffee with them, I noticed there was a new, cordless phone on the table. After a few minutes, my grandmother asked me if I could get it to work. I said sure and immediately went for the battery in the handset thinking she didn't connect it. That wasn't it. So I picked up the base and asked her where the cords were for it. She looked at me with this innocent, confused look and said "It's a cordless phone, it doesn't need any cords." I had enough control to just smile and not laugh hysterically as I wanted to. I explained how the phone works and set it up for her. Damn she's cute. :)

Eeek was sleeping when I got to Elissa's so we hung out getting caught up on friends, gossip, etc. I got a bunch of good pictures of him, which I have to zip up and send to Glen & Elissa. Elissa snapped this one of me and Eek. It usually takes about 20 pics to get one decent one of me, but this one is passable. :)

Now I'm off to relax so I can be energetic for tomorrow's scrimmage.


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