Wednesday, June 28, 2006

No title today...

I went to the WDTC Award's dinner last night and it wasn't half bad. After work I stopped at the supermarket so I could bring my side dish - a zucchini & squash thing. I made that quickly and wrestled with the dogs for a few minutes before heading back out. I really hate doing that to them. :(

I sat with the flyball folks and all the new babies - I even helped by holding Peyton half the time so Renee could eat. I don't know why everyone feels the need to tell me every 5 minutes how good a baby looks in my arms, or how natural it seems - it ain't happenin'. :) Just 'cuz you're on a baby kick doesn't mean you have to drag me along with you! That, and there was one person in history that gave birth due to immaculate conception. If I'm going to make it big, it won't be for that reason. :) Anyway, we had a good time, chatting it up & talking shit like we do all the time at tourneys. :)

The flyball dogs that earned titles got plaques this year and I have to say that I'm pretty darn impressed by them! It's one of those plaques that you can add to it as you get more titles and there's a place for a picture. Usually those things are quite boring and cheesy, but this is really, really nice. I'm even gonna hang it on my wall near all of Freddie's ribbons. :)

I got a call from the photographer at the doggie camp I taught at a month ago. Apparently there were a few good shots of the boys together and of Freddie on the flyball box. She's going to send them in to a few things - calendar, magazines, etc. - and she had forgotten to have me sign a release. If that works out, my dogs will certainly have been published more than I have. :) Not so bad a thing. :) We're hoping next year the weather will be much more conducive to picture taking and not swelteringly hot like it was this time.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend at work (one of the Unix Admins) and our 1/2 hour lunch turned into a 2 hour conversation about God, religion, etc. It was probably the first time I had such an in depth conversation and didn't walk away feeling like the person was trying to suck my brain out and save my soul. How refreshing!

Today will probably be another normal work day, nothing really exciting going on. Although I did speak with a design guru yesterday about a few ideas I had and I'm excited about the possibilities. :) When that starts to happen, work will get very exciting and I'll probably be working a ton to keep up with it. Hopefully it'll happen during the winter time as I don't like going out in the cold anyway. :) But, for now, one must shower and that one is me. :)


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