Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day

Yesterday my family came over for a Father's Day cookout. I don't think it was so supposed to be 95 degrees out when I started planning this with my brother and sister. :) But that's what it turned out to be. We made the best of it considering I don't have central AC (yet). Surprisingly enough, we brought a fan out on to the deck next to the table and it made it way more comfortable. :)

The dogs spent the day either in the kiddie pool, or lying down in the shade somewhere. They were not into the heat, that's for sure. The cats were even less happy about the heat, which I could tell when they became orange and white rugs in the bathtub. :) I was going to shave them in the morning, but found out that the shaver didn't make it through the flood. :( I have to get another one soon as they loved being shaved in the summer. :)

My Dad was very surprised about the computer we gave him. Golf was on so he wasn't paying close attention when he was opening it. :) I think we got him good this time. :) He is, by far, the hardest man to buy anything for. Whenever he wants something, just goes out and gets it. But his computer is old and not everything works the way it should, so it was a good gift idea.

After everyone left, I hung out on the computer for a bit and then decided I couldn't take it and hid in the bedroom with the kids for the rest of the night. :) We were all exhausted and were sleeping by 9:30. :) Apparently we were all wiped!

I forgot to get cream while at the supermarket yesterday so I am without coffee right now. (I'm hoping all of this make sense!) But since I have to wake up, and coffee is a necessary part of that, I have to go out and get some. :)


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