Friday, June 23, 2006

Ooops :)

So I did all the errands I had to last night - finally! I got wrapping paper for Eek's gift and stopped at the Cigar store for Glen's gift. I also got one cigar for myself. There is only one kind cigar I like (that I know of) - Acid Blondie. It was nice out so I figured I'd sit on the deck with a cigar, a drink, and a book. So calm and relaxing. :)

I made myself a Cosmopolitan, grabbed a new book about Vampires, lit the cigar, and had myself a relaxing night. The oops part is because apparently I wasn't keeping track of how many Cosmo's I had and by the time it got dark, I was far past tipsy. :) Ooops. It didn't feel like I drank all that much, although I will admit they were going down rather smoothly. It was just one of those things. :)

I think I may actually get my car back today! I still don't know if the ins. co. is going to pick up the extra rental days, but I'm sure I'll find out. I have to remember to take the CD's out of the rental - I always forget to do that and end up losing 1/2 dozen of them.

I also have one of those guys coming to measure and price out the sand pit/soon-to-be-patio'ish area today after work. I don't know yet how I'm going to manage getting both things done at the same time, but I'll figure it out. :) After that I have to pick up a few books, wrap the gifts, load my car (hopefully it will be my car) with the tents for tomorrow, and potentially, do the dishes. Oh how I hate doing dishes!!!!


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