Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Picked up...

I have a morning routine, like everyone else. First, I let the dogs out. Then, I make coffee. After that, I'm on the computer, reading mail, looking at the weather, etc., etc. Then I'm in the shower, dress, get my lunch together, feed the kids, and I'm out the door. I always stop for coffee at the same place, but often at different times because I'm one of those perpetually late type of people. I've stopped fighting it - it just happens.

Anyway, when you have a routine like that, you usually see the same people doing their morning routine. For the past couple of months or so, there's been this guy getting whatever around the same time I get my coffee - I usually see him a couple of times a week (read about that 'I'm always late' part.) About a month ago, I noticed I was getting glances for well past the time that is usually considered polite - and not the I-want-to-sleep-with-you glances I've been getting lately. Then they turned into multiple glances with smiles. After a few weeks, those turned into Good Morning's, Hi's, and How are you's with multiple glances as whichever one of us walked in or out.

Today was different. I stopped at my usual place (which I never do) after work and he was there. I got the glances, then the How are you, followed by a handshake and a My name is. We talked for a few minutes and then he asked me if I'd want to go out with him sometime. I said sure, gave him my number and headed home after a few mins. of idle chatting.

It's been a looooong time since that type of thing has happened. Sure, I've met a ton of people and have been out on a number of dates in the past couple of months, but that's mostly been from meeting them online and the occasional "I have the perfect friend for you" set up. I almost didn't know what to do! :P I mean, I didn't think the flirting would go anywhere, it was just small flirting (which I love to do btw - I'm a huge flirt.) I continued with it because he was cute and, quite frankly, it gave me a little boost of feeling good about myself in the morning. Seriously, who doesn't like to be admired occasionally?

Anyway, *B* is going to call whenever so we can make plans whenever to go out whenever. I have Eek's party this Saturday (have to pick up Glen's gift tomorrow!!!) so I know it won't be then. We'll see what happens. Either way, it put a smile on my face. :)


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