Wednesday, June 14, 2006

tails won

Yup, it was tails the last 2 days - I got to blow off the dishes and sit on the deck reading a book - twice! :)

I felt guilty so I did the dishes that were in 2 of the 3 sinks (I have a triple bowl.) One of them was the tiny middle one, but I feel like I got more accomplished saying 2 and there *were* a few bowls in there. ;)

Yesterday was a fairly good day at work. I had meetings in the afternoon back to back but otherwise it was good. I didn't even see my boss until 2pm so that was a nice little surprise as well. ;)

Today is Ellin's birthday - I have to make sure I remember when I call her for my morning commute chat. It makes the traffic easier to take and we get to catch up on all the little stuff we forget to mention when we don't speak as often.

I have a bunch of little errands to run after work - Glen's gift, Eek's wrapping paper, Ellin's gift, and cards for all. I also have to figure out what I'm doing for my Dad for Father's Day. What do you get for the man that just goes out and buys whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants it? I'll take suggestions if you have any to offer. :)

I'm hoping I'll get my car back this week sometime. I have to call the dealer today to see when it's ready. Then I have to work out how I'm getting back home from the rental place when I drop that off. Mary could probably help me if I do it during the day. I'll worry about that when it's ready.

Time to shower and head to work (running late as usual...sigh).


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