Sunday, June 11, 2006

And productive I was!

I should say *we* instead of *I* since my uncle helped me with all of it. But Wow! I wish it was light out so I could go stare at what it looks like! I can't believe how such a little change can make such a big difference. It wasn't little in terms of the energy and time, but still.

So, after driving around all over the place looking for the black mulch I wanted (*nobody* had the recycled rubber stuff left), we finally got started around 2pm or so. We decided where the line should be, marked it off, pounded in the edging, and started digging up the grass. He started at one end and I started at the other, but there were way too many worms for my comfort level so I just dug and he shook the dirt off of the grass clumps (hence why I need help when I do these things - I'm such a girl sometimes.) After that, we planted the hostas and I thought it looked a little bare, so I grabbed the phlox I bought a month ago and planted those inbetween. Then we spread out the mulch. It was still missing something so I decided to add a line of white rocks where the mulch met the driveway. My uncle was skeptical but I thought the contrast would be amazing and it worked out perfectly. :)

After that, we planted the rhodies - one on the side to replace the one that drowned during the flood and one in the corner near the driveway and all the work we did. Then we hit the flower beds - Boy were they a mess!! I completely weeded those out and mulched them both. I had originally planned on putting the white rocks I bought right where the rain drips off of the roof to help stop the corrosion of the dirt there. But, I could only put a thin layer since I had used so many on that new section. But let me tell you how good it looks! I think it's supposed to rain Thurs or Fri so I'm going to wait until the mulch gets settled and then add more rocks to that line.

Doesn't really sound like much but my back is sore so I know it was more than I should've done. I can't wait for that procedure I had done to fully kick in. :)

After we were done, we stopped by my cousin's house to say hello. We hung out there longer than we planned since I still had to drive my uncle back to Peabody (he's legally blind), but we had a great time. :)

I pulled into the driveway slowly so I could admire our handy work. While admiring (in the dark I might add), I noticed that someone had cut my front and side lawns! I have no idea who but I think it was my neighbor John. We were talking this morning while breaking down the tents and I mentioned how I hadn't received my tractor or push mower back from the repair shop yet (they were both totally flooded out.) I'll have to catch him in the morning and thank him. :) If it wasn't him, I'll have to ask around to see who I need to thank profusely! I certainly live in the best neighborhood in the world. :)

Well, it's way past bedtime but first I'm in serious need of a shower! I'm going to light my Lemon Verbana candle before jumping in so that when I tuck into bed it'll be gloriously refreshing in the bedroom. :)


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