Friday, June 30, 2006

It's Friday :-D

TGIF man. I've been waiting for this day all week. :) But I know, like every other time, that it will come and go too quickly and I'll be staring Monday in the face. This week Wed. will be more like Monday I think, or maybe it won't matter at all since Wed. is hump day and Friday is 2 days away. Since I haven't started today, I shouldn't be looking forward to next Friday already. :)

My lawyer got pulled into court at the last minute so my appt. was moved to next week. I also did not head up to the nursery to pick out pavers for the patio project because we were in the middle of an ok thunderstorm. So, we'll do that on Monday. What did I do yesterday then? Not a whole hell of a lot. :)

I picked up a few more strands of those dragonfly lights for the deck. I haven't the foggiest idea when I'll actually be able to rig them up. :) My gladiolus are starting to bloom a brilliant, vivid red in the front. I can't wait until the purple & orange ones I put in the planter start to bud. :)

I have a follow-up appt. with my back doctor today to see how I'm doing after the last procedure. I have a few concerns but I don't think they're anything to really worry about - at least I hope not. :) After work I have to head to the supermarket to pick up a few groceries - hot dogs and cheese as treats for Freddie during the tourney, fruits & veggies for me, and a few things to contribute to the food table in our camp. Everybody on my team brings something to munch on at tournies so there's a smorgasbord of food available throughout the weekend. Thankfully we're all on an eating healthier kind of kick so it's not all chips and desserts. :) Maybe I'll make something too, we'll see.

But, since I have to be at my dr's appt. in 30 mins and I haven't showered yet, that's it for me!


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