Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After a day at work, that ended with my computer going kapluey for the last 2 hours and me trying to fix it, I came home to even more electronic fun. The new computer has been sitting in a box for a bit now, so I figured I'd start getting that up to speed so all I'd have to do is transfer my files. I got XP Pro installed, and started installing all of my other software when I noticed Tivo was doing a few odd things. I got a call from the cable company a month ago saying the plan I was signed up for was going away and I needed to choose a new one. Of course, as it always is in the world of monopolies, I'd have to spend an extra however many bucks to get the exact programming I was getting currently. Bastards. So, I chose my packages way back when and they went into effect sometime in the last week. I didn't think it was worth it to spend $16.00 to get the Speed Channel back just so I could watch Monster Jam so I didn't. But I forgot to tell Tivo not to record it anymore. It seems I also forgot to tell Tivo that I had moved. :) So I went through an hour of re-setting Tivo to know where I was and what programming to get - this was while I was setting up XP. Apparently I'm multi-talented. :)

Frank the landscape designer came by to talk to me about my patio project. The next step is to head over to a nursery/masonry place and pick out which stones I want it made of. I'm desperately trying to not do the fluorescent red brick thing, but it depends on what I can afford so I may have to go with that. We have an appt on Thursday to head up and scope it all out. While we were walking around looking at plants I noticed a weed in the garden and started pulling it out. He decided he wanted to help and almost took out my Clematis in the process. I shooed him away when he had his hand wrapped around my purple violets, intending to rip those out of the ground. I know violets are a huge pain in the ass because they can spread, but, I like them! And I put them there on purpose! I think we'll stick to the stone work with him. ;)

Tim called while we were outside and gave me an update on his painful tooth. Apparently he's on pain killers and antibiotics until it dies down a bit. I called him back and was going to bring over a how-to-survive-on-painkillers kit but he didn't return my call. Hopefully he's not having too bad a time of it. It's really not fun to be on painkillers in the first place, but it's way more not fun to be nauseous the whole time you are.

Tonight I have that awards dinner that I have to make a side dish for. I have to get directions and find out what time I'm supposed to be there. I've changed my mind about the side dish and will just bring a few veggies instead. But, if I'm to get out of work on time to get there, I need to go.... like now!


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