Saturday, June 10, 2006

Despite the rain...

... a good time was had by all!

Today was the day of our Thank you BBQ. 3 city employees showed up. Not the number we were hoping for, but it actually worked out for the best that way. We had set up 2 EZ up tents in my driveway next to my house because of the number of puddles in the street. That and if anyone wanted to have a beer, it needed to be on private property. So dry space was limited. :)

I spent most of my time grilling - I love hosting BBQs. :) We had 2 types of steak tips, kielbasa, burgers, dogs, and wings. I even called in a few reinforcements to come and eat up since there was so much food. :) Thankfully, all the neighbors took something home so my fridge isn't as packed as it was going to be. :) I do, however, have enough burgers, dogs, fruit, beer, and soda for the next 3 BBQs. :)

While throwing a few things in the dryer for my friend's kids, I couldn't help but notice that there was a couple of inches of water in the basement. Apparently the industrial fans had thrown a breaker, the same one the sump pumps were on. So, I spent some time in the basement during the fun. I shut off all of the fans so the sump pumps could concentrate on doing their thing. :)

Once the party was over and all the food was away, I crashed. I watched a few movies with the kids under a blanket. Now, it's definitely time for bed as I can barely keep my eyes open. :)


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