Sunday, June 11, 2006

Plans for the day

Would you believe the sun is already shining?!?! I haven't seen that in, well, it seems like forever!

My uncle is coming over today to help me try to fix some of the landscaping that got washed away in the flood. I'd like to extend my sump pump hose and bury it along the driveway so it doesn't undo all that I plan on doing. :)

The plans are to plant the new Rhododendrons I bought to replace the ones that got flooded and stepped on, on the side of the house. Then I want to separate the section of lawn along the driveway and plant the hostas along that strip. After that, I'm hoping I can get in to the front gardens and get that back to looking half way decent. Right now, it's a mess. The only thing that looks pretty are the hanging plants in front of the house. So, hopefully we can get all of that accomplished. :)

But first, I'm going to go check on the basement and potentially put the fans back on to help dry it out. Maybe my uncle will be able to open the one basement window that has a screen on it. I've tried but it's really stuck.

I have a bunch of dishes to do as well from the BBQ. I'm trying not to think about them for the time being. ;) Ok, off to be productive!


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