Thursday, June 7, 2007

budding photographer

I took this picture yesterday morning. I dare you to tell me you wouldn't see this kind of image on a calendar or in a book or magazine. I double dare you! I'm so thrilled with this picture that I've even made it my desktop wallpaper. I haven't changed that in about 4 years (it was a picture of Skootchie, Millie, and Freddie from one of our trips to Maine.) I'm so in love with this picture!

I've been doing nothing but working and homework the past couple of days. I have 2 weeks left in this class and I'm pretty thrilled with that. The good thing about accelerated classes is that they're only 6 weeks - about what my attention span will take. The bad part is that I still have 15 weeks of work to do in those 6 weeks.

I've been thinking more and more about school lately. I like it, but it's a huge time suck and time is something I just don't have a lot of lately. I'll graduate with my AS next year sometime - before summer I think. Part of me wants to go on - all the really cool classes are on the way to my Bachelors - all the classes I really want to take! The other half misses being able to do things after work, like going to the training center one or two nights a week, like reading a book on the deck while eating dinner, etc., etc. Lately I just haven't had time.

But, I think I've come up with a partial solution. The summer is the busiest time for me (usually) and I don't *have* to keep taking classes one right after the other like a regular student would. I hibernate in the winter anyway - a good time to learn stuff for me. So, I'm thinking that I'll finish the AS, go on to the BS, but only take classes in the fall/winter/spring and take the summer off. It's only one quarter. It doesn't matter to anyone but me whether or not I graduate in 2011 or 2013. :p

See, now if I could take work out of the equation, I'd be set. Work is really the biggest time suck of all! Who knows. Maybe I'll snag myself some rich sugar daddy by then and I can stop working and instead work on all of these business ideas I have. After that, I could be a professional student. :p Wouldn't *that* be nice!


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