Tuesday, June 26, 2007

you know you want to

Because I haven't been able to blog, I wasn't able to share the latest installment of pictures of the kids. Donna (from DonnaKelliher.com) came over and did a few photo sessions with the kids.

You know you want to buy them.

You can, it's still a free country (kinda.) But I'll probably get weirded out if I don't know you and I see you walking down the street in a t-shirt with my dog on it. I'll probably think it's cool at the same time but still weird. Of course, then I'll have to grab idle strangers, point to your chest and exclaim for everyone to hear "That's my dog!" Save us both the embarrassment and stick with a mouse pad or something. :p

Set up a photo shoot of your own - you won't regret it. :)


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