Sunday, June 3, 2007


Clearly I don't have enough because I just finished planting 24 Petunias, a dozen Pansies, 4 Osteospermum (sp?), and 6 really cool looking red things. :) I'm hoping it rains one of these days that they say it's going to so the roots will take.

And I planted some Petunias in the planter on the deck. I'll still swear about the bees - even though I'm causing my house to become a target for them. Stupid. But, I love flowers and I like driving up and seeing them. They really just make the house look a lot nicer than it actually is. :p

Oh, and I set up the soaker hose in the front too. Finally.

I have a few hours for homework and then I'm off to Joe & Ellin's for Kate's graduation.


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