Friday, June 29, 2007


Yesterday I said I thought I was having a party after work. As it turns out, I did. Mom, Dad, Keith, Nick, Leah, Kevin, Sue, Chris, Neely, & Cal came over to spend some time with Nick. He spent the whole time in the pool, my brother tossing him about this way or that. The thunderstorms held off, the water was incredibly warm (82 degrees), everyone ate, drank, and was merry. It was fun. :)

I did something to my left index finger - it's swollen and it hurts when I bend it. I have no idea what I could've done tho'...probably just slept on it wrong.

I have to get my shit together tonight for the tourney this weekend - pack the car, get and cut up treats, pack the cooler, stop and grab something to bring for our food table and the tourney food table, print out directions, figure out what time I have to wake up so I can be there on time, print out my homework and bring my books, bring the laptop so I can catch up on work and web stuff. Yeah, I think I have a bit to do. :) I have to remember to bring Barb's tugs - I think she's going to be there. At some point I need to relax too. :p

But first I need to get through another work day!


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