Monday, June 11, 2007


I would like to go back to the age when ten minutes felt like forever. Y'know, when Mom made caramel apples and you had to wait 10 minutes until they cooled. That's the kind of time I'd like in my life. Not like what 10 minutes is now - a blink of the eye.

Has time always been so fickle? Is perception the key here, like it is in everything else? Does anyone really ever get control?

Questions I'm sure I'll only learn the answer to when I have the time to think about it and none of the stamina or strength to act on it.

Mom was in town this weekend. Yesterday we spent the day with my grandparent's, watching my little cousin graduate from high school on the local tv channel. You can see the slowing down in my grandparents - more in my grandfather these days. It's sad to see, hard to handle, and a fact of life no one can do a damn thing about.

Where has the time gone?

My memories show me such a different person - one sitting at the head of the table during family get-togethers, talking, laughing, and eating. Though not very touchy-feely, a warm, solid presence for us grandkids (I'm sure he was still the enforcer type with his kids!)

I think I want one of those remotes Adam Sandler has in that movie. The one that can rewind and fast forward, then go back to real time. That would be cool.


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