Saturday, June 30, 2007

water in my ear...

If you speak to me, speak loudly as I have water in my ear from the other day and can't hear shit. I have swimmer's ear so sometimes water gets stuck or something...I really don't know. I put some drops in the other day to help but they didn't. Speak into my left ear like you would an old person if you want me to hear you. Or maybe I can get one of those funnel type things they used to use. Wouldn't that be cute.

I just gave Tweak a motion sickness pill. Fingers crossed that she doesn't get sick in the car - or even feel sick for that matter. I don't want her to be paranoid of the car. That's not a good thing for a flyball dog that will be traipsing all over New England and beyond. Seriously. That would suck.

This weekend's tourney is being held at a Teamworks Center in Northborough. It will be good to see all of Tweak's littermates again! I'm bringing my camera for more group pictures. :) Huh. I should publish one or two of those...


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