Thursday, June 7, 2007

Neosporin (plus pain relief)

I did a lot of training with Tweak tonight. Instead of the basic obedience kind of stuff, I worked on spin (turning to her left) and around (turning to her right), leave it (leave whatever alone and look at me), and finally hit it (jump on the target with 2 paws). Afterwards we just played with the tug, which is where the Neosporin comes in. Some day I will figure out how to get her, in her frenzied state, to go after, and grab, the part of the tug I'm *not* holding on to. Heh. I won't hold my breath tho'. :p

So I have nice new slice along my pinkie. This is kinda gross, but I was able to flip back the flap of skin to cover the wound. Hey, I said it was gross!

Since I got the puppy, I've had more holes, scrapes, slices, and punctures than I've had in years. I figure I've got about another month before those razor sharp puppy teeth are adult teeth. I noticed she's already lost one of the bottom, front teeth. I'll feel bad for her, but my skin will rejoice with amazing glee, let me tell you.

495 was a freakin' parking lot when I left work so I cut through Lowell with my trusty GPS guiding me. The thing about GPS is that there are a lot of settings you can change on it. I, the incredibly intelligent person that I am, forgot to change some of the settings on it. So, when I told it to get me home, it promptly turned me around and sent me right back to the very highway I was trying to avoid.

I pulled over once I realized it and changed the settings to avoid major highways. I was starving by the time I got home so I stopped at the little place down the street and had dinner. One of my favorite authors, Laurell K. Hamilton, came out with a new book so I'm re-reading the one before it in the series to remember where we were in the story. I had a nice little dinner, totally engrossed in my book - perfectly relaxing. :)

I'm working from home tomorrow because I'm getting gutters installed on the house. It'll be great (I think) to not have all the water coming off the roof dripping on my head while trying to get in the door on a rainy day. And on that note, it's time for bed so I can read my book for a bit before falling asleep. :)


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