Thursday, June 28, 2007

my calendar is full

At least for this week it is. Oh, and every weekend in July. November looks good though. :p

Some random thoughts:

The other day I was driving home on the highway when I was passed by a state cop in the left hand lane. I wasn't driving too fast and, let's face it, I have a minivan so I usually don't attract too much attention that way. About a minute later, a little red car came flying up behind me, zipping from lane to lane. How many times have you seen some asshole weaving in and out of traffic, without directionals, far too fast and you say to yourself, "Where is there a cop when you need one?" It happens to everyone I think.

Imagine my happy surprise when I saw that the statie had pulled over the little red car a few miles up. :) The one time I've seen it work the way it's supposed to. Now, before you get all up in arms, I have friends that are cops. I know they don't spend the day in Dunkin Donuts parking lot, they really are out there dealing with shit you wouldn't even believe went on. Seriously. I don't believe half the stories I hear! I'm just saying that it's the first time I've *seen* it happen. That's all. :)

Holly came by after work yesterday to go over some website stuff and float in the pool for a bit. I have some ideas that I'll play with and see where they take me. I think I'll be doing a lot of web stuff while at the tournament this weekend. Oh, and writing, lots and lots of writing.

I think I'm having company today as well. My nephew is in town and we're all meeting here to hang out and spend some time with him. I have to see if I can leave early to pick my mother up from the airport. I have to stop and pick up spomething to eat too. Oh, and gas for the grill. Fingers crossed that the scattered thunder storms we're supposed to get happen over night.

Did I mention that I took Tweak to training Monday night and she was the worst day in the class? No? Oh yeah, totally true. Dogs are so humbling at times. :)

I'm surprised I haven't had any friends come over to go swimming the past couple of days!


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