Monday, June 25, 2007

a poem

Look at me, blogging, like a normal person! I don't even really have all that much to say, I'm just doing it 'cuz I can. :p

But, that's not really all that thrilling to read so I figured I'd share a poem.

Only serious dog lovers will understand this.

Two Dogs: An Ode to Play

A twist this way
Begging to play
Let me give you my butt

C'mon let's go!
Running to and fro
Let me give you my butt

A handshake won't do
For us that's true
Let me give you my butt

Don't lay down!
If I could I'd frown!
Let me give you my butt

What's this I see?
Your butt for me!
Let me give you my butt

We'll frolic and play
The whole day away
Let me give you my butt
I wrote that (pre-coffee even) this morning while watching Pacie and Tweak playing around. Pacie is the voice of the poem and he gives good play butt. I'm going to try to get a picture of it too. I guess that Creative Writing class is paying off...or at least I'm learning something. Who cares if it's at a pre-school level? :p

Maybe I'll write a bunch of poems - for kids, from dogs. Can't you just see them running around yelling "Let me give you my butt!" Ok, parents may not like it but it has to be better than Barney. Right? I need an illustrator. :p


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