Friday, July 6, 2007

errands with mom

Today was my Mother's last day here - she's heading home tomorrow morning. We planned on spending the day together and I had a bunch of errands to do so we did them together.

On the way back up here from picking her up, we stopped at the packie so I could pick up beer for tomorrow and re-stock the sadly empty fridge. I think I scared her a bit with the close to 3 cases I bought. My fridge was *really* empty and I have to bring beer tomorrow and next weekend too.

After that we went to the Farm I buy my dog food at. I didn't even buy one plant - not a one! After that we went to the butcher shop so I could re-stock the freezer and grab something for dinner. We had teriyaki steak tips, chinese pork, chicken, mac salad, and potato sald. It was really yummy. :)

We came back to my place, dropped everything off and went out to lunch. We stopped at the pool store on the way, then went to lunch, then went to BJ's, then went to the mall. Oh, and we hit the cigar store on the way. I got Glen a few really good cigars - at least according to the guy that sold them to me. I picked up some awesome sheets for Zeke and a great dinosaur/planet learning toy.

Then we were back here after 5 hours of shopping. Whew. Cal, Keith, & Leah came over for dinner and to hang out. Leah ended up giving Cal & I massages. WOOHOO! Just sayin'. :)

Now, I'm beat and am ready for bed. I have homework to do in the morning and then I'm heading down to Glen & Elissa's. I'll probably be there pretty darn late. :p And I'm *sure* I'll have plenty 0' pics...


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