Monday, July 16, 2007


Ahhhhhh. :) Boy does it feel good to be back in a more permanent manner. :)

I finally have all of the old posts imported in. Unfortunately none of the pictures came over and I think I lost some of the comments. The formatting of the previous posts sucks. Instead of separate paragraphs per post, there is one big paragraph per post. Someday I may even have the time to go back and fix them all. Yeah, I know, probably not. :p

I don't know how leaving a comment works with the new system, I'll have to play around with that portion later.

Everything is customizable. Everything. Which is really super, super cool, but kind of overwhelming right now.

I wet Millie down with the hose today. She doesn't typically like it, but she'll stand there and tolerate it if I ask her to. She happily runs off afterwards and dries herself off by pushing her body on top of the grass. Hard to explain, funny to see. :)

I brush her when she's dried off a bit. Millie is the type of dog that sheds *all* the time. I could very easily vacuum the furniture, walls, and floors twice a day if I cared at all. Thankfully I don't. :p Anyway, because she sheds so much, I use a shedding comb on her - especially after her bath. She loves it and will turn for me without my asking.

As I was sitting on the kitchen floor combing Millie, I noticed that she's more white/gray than any other color now. She's been gray for years; it started when she was 3 years old. But now, she's really gray with just a hint of the colors she used to have. Her ears were the last solidly colored parts of her body - a beautiful russet intermingled with black. That color, btw, was what I based my going red on. In the beginning, we matched. :)

With each stroke I wished that I could brush away the years. Each stroke removing a fatty tumor, dozens of which riddle her body. Each stroke reversing the gray. Each stroke removing the creaking and the joint pain/trouble she has. Each stroke returning her youth.

I know that can't happen. I know she's aging. I know her time with me is much shorter than I want. If I could ever have a wish come true tho', it would be about my animals. I want Skootchie back. I want her to stay with me for the rest of MY life. I would want the animals I have now to stay with me for the rest of MY life, not theirs.

But, life doesn't work that way.

Well my friends, it's good to be back. I've had so much to say, frustration to vent, emotions to unload, and not being able to has driven me a touch nuts. :p

Before I go though, what do you think of having a place where everyone could post? I'm now able to create multiple areas and databases separate from my blog, but similar in action.

If I make it, will you write? :)


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