Sunday, July 8, 2007

More pictures...

I know, you're shocked.

Saturday was Glen & Elissa's annual BBQ/Glen's birthday party/Zeke's birthday party. George was gracious enough to by my camera partner in crime. :) So that means we got close to 200 pictures. That's a lot, even for me, but is pretty fitting for the two of us on one camera. We took so many pictures my battery died before the night was over.

Check 'em out.

There's been a rabbit in the neighborhood recently. I've seen it hopping in my neighbor's front yard. I thought about leaving some carrots or something out for it but I don't want to attract other little beasties.

Today was the day to clean the pool. It's sparkly clean - for now anyway. While walking over to the where the pump is, I saw something move in the grass. I've lived here for 3 years and today was the first day I saw a snake in my yard! I've seen a toad or a frog, whichever. I have hawks in the neighborhood and a huge variety of birds. (Did I tell you I had a cardinal on the deck the other day?) There used to be an owl in the neighbors trees (the same trees I'm learning to *hate* because of how many little things they dump in the pool.) I've seen voles and mice. But I've never seen a snake.

It was small, about a foot long, very thin, black with a yellow or white stripe along it's back. I was really hoping the dogs wouldn't notice it!! I ran away from it so the dogs would think I was playing and follow me, which they did. I am the pied piper without a pipe and for dogs instead. :p

Millie's been limping for a while now so I'm going to make an appt for her at the vet. I need to take Tweak back anyway, and I need Freddie & Pacie's special food, as well as the teeth cleaning treats they get. That's going to be such an expensive day...sigh.

I don't know when you'll get to read this....


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