Monday, July 30, 2007


What did I even do?

Oh yeah, went out to breakfast with Sue, visited my grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousin, brought home lots of crap I don't need, unloaded lots of crap Sue doesn't need from the car, played with the baby all day, heard all about the Kenny Chesney concert from Aunty Kathy, cleaned the pool, wrote a story, did laundry, trained Tweak (who has the most disgusting gas right now), and played with the dogs.

I was all set to mow the lawn and wouldn't you know, a thunderstorm came through right when I was walking outside. Talk about divine timing. :]

Millie and I both had chiropractor appts. this morning. She was a little out of joint, not too bad; I was a freakin' mess - her words. :P She cracked the hell out of me and I have to say I feel great!

I was supposed to meet Pat for lunch today to go over one of the next tattoos I want. He was busy at work so we're going to try for tomorrow instead.

I worked from home, which was good. I have to admit that I like getting things done while surrounded by my dogs - it's pretty comforting. :D

Once I realized what time it was, meaning, I could stop working, I switched into homework mode and gave feedback on my classmates stories.

Speaking of feedback, I received my teacher's comments today on my short story. They were amazing. And I mean absolutely amazing. Obviously I'm pretty happy about that. B)

Tonight Tweak and I had our first Beginners II class. She did really well and I was totally surprised by it. I thought for sure she would act like she had forgotten absolutely everything just to embarrass me. :P

Dogs are so humbling. Cute, but humbling. ;)


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