Monday, July 2, 2007

good weekend

This weekend's tourney was great. I didn't get much homework done, but that's really not all that surprising. :)

Freddie ran wonderfully, nice and clean, for the most part. He must've been feeling pretty good as he ran a couple of heats at 5.6 seconds. He's been running at 6 seconds for the last year I think so he must've felt great. There was that one time tho where he kept dropping the ball by the box, which is very unusual for him. I sent him again to get rid of the flag and he dropped it again. It's not so much that he dropped it - more like he spit it out. I couldn't figure out why he was doing that until he stopped to squat on the way back to me. That's my boy, pooping in the ring. Needless to say we lost that heat.

I took Tweak into the ring a couple of times for her to see the racing. She was a freak on a leash! I'll have to play that Korn song when she debuts in the lanes in about a year. Freddie's driven, and is excited to get into the ring, but not like that. Not even close.

Here's a picture Nancy took of me and Tweak on the sleepy chair. :) She was just laying there on top of me while I gave scritches to her neck.

The next tournament is in Philadelphia. Should be a blast!

I'm working 2 days this week and have from Wed - Fri off. If it's rainy and crappy, I might log on and do a few web things that are on my to do list. Maybe I can get Holly's site done by then too. :)


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