Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I hate being mute. This server stuff *needs* to be fixed today!

I've been going to the Physical Therapy guy, Josh, we have on-site at work. My shoulder is very tight, super lumpy, and hurts when I'm stressed. So, he's helping me free it up a bit. We always start with heat, as that relaxes the muscles. And he always hands me the same magazine - Time. It's a good magazine, I suppose, if you like all that news kind of stuff. I don't. Not one bit.

I don't watch the morning or evening news and I don't read the paper. It's probably ignorant of me but there it is. I want to read about good things, not people killing each other in war, not about drive-by shootings in Boston, not about corruption in churches and government offices, not about how gas has never been higher in the country and some people literally can't afford to drive to work but the oil companies are making their greatest profits to date. I don't want to know that more and more programs are being removed from schools to save money. I also don't want to know about kids killing other kids because they've been misunderstood or picked on.

And most importantly, I do not want to know anything at all about Paris Hilton. I've avoided the news for years so maybe I don't have a right to complain, but that just isn't news. Why do I care if Paris goes to jail, comes out of jail, or goes back in? I find it very unfortunate that I know even that much.

Don't get me wrong, I read or listen to celebrity gossip from time to time. I don't think Angelina was the reason for Brad and Jen's demise. Part of me gets a kick out of Brittney losing her mind, the other part pities her. I've been known to pick up a People magazine and read it cover to cover. That's the kind of drivel I like while sitting in the doctor's office. Not what should be on CNN. See the difference?

Oh yeah. We've got our priorities straight.....sigh.

I told Josh to bring in some Calvin & Hobbs books and I'll read those.

Tweak and I worked on walking nicely on the leash yesterday. She ping pongs back and forth on it - pulls and runs until she hits the end of it, jerking me off my feet, then reverses direction and does it again. Hmmm..... maybe that's why my shoulder's been bothering me lately. :p Anyway, we went across the street and walked very nicely - earning her her dinner. She's learning.

This week is pretty calm for me. I don't have anything I need to run and do after work. I have a BBQ this weekend and that's about it! I always have homework to do but I'm pretty used to that. I have to turn in two poems today. Maybe I'll post them here, who knows.

I booked my hotel yesterday for the conference and let me just say that while the Red Roof Inn isn't the most exclusive or expensive hotel in the world, they have the nicest people working there. I don't know how many I called in total but they ranged from luxury down to budget. Ruth, my Red Roof Inn representative, was so accommodating and so nice, I wanted to give her a hug. I searched for 4 hours, trying to find a place that took pets and was in my per diem. It was painful. One phone call to Ruth and Presto! everything is all set, including getting a room on the first floor AND being able to check in hours earlier than I'm supposed to without charging me for an extra night! Amazing. :)

Of course, by the time you get to read this I'll be *at* the conference...


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