Monday, July 9, 2007

the puppy

The puppy, when stretched out, takes up 2 cushions of the couch.

She's getting so big.

She's taking on Freddie now -- beating him to the ball, kicking his butt to get the ball from him, smiling at him and giving him the "eye" when he smiles at her. (Smiling isn't as nice as it sounds in the dog world... it's more like saying, "Keep it up and I'm going to kick your ass...)

For a while, I was wondering if she was bonding to me. I like to have a nice, solid, trusting bond with all of my dogs. Millie will let me do *anything* to her. I pull her tail, step on it (kinda lightly), pull her ears, grab her skin and yank (mimicking a 2 year old doing the same) and she lets me. She knows I won't truly hurt her and I can teach her what response I want her to have in those situations. The boys may not like what I do to them, but they eventually give in. As I was saying pre-tangent, I like that bond and I was hoping I'd have that with her. Animals can choose whether or not they want to bond to you. I'm happy to say, I believe that bond is in the appropriate stage after 3 months of living together.

Tonight is our 5th training class. I imagine she'll be a little shit again, which is ok. When it's time to buck up and work, she does it. She's starting to learn not to hit the end of the leash in .05 milliseconds and instead stay kinda close to me. It's a work in progress. As is the jumping up on people when they first walk in the door. *That* has *got* to stop!

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