Monday, July 2, 2007

it's what time?

I can't believe I'm just getting in at 11pm on a work night. What the hell is wrong with me?

I got out of work late, flew home, grabbed the dog that hates being in the car (Tweak) and went to training. She did a very good demo on how to pull on a leash and even better demo's on how to guard the dog you're playing with during puppy playtime. Needless to say, she was a little less than thrilled with getting squirted with the water bottle during the guarding demo's. She was a wet mop at the end of the 15 minutes. Ridiculous.

On my way to training, I saw something that gives me hope and makes me think there's a slight chance humanity isn't going to hell in a hand basket. On a busy road, 20+ cars stopped to let a gaggle of geese cross the road with their youngins. I always get so paranoid that there's going to be the one sociopath who will forget other people are watching and go barreling right through them. I know I'd have to hunt that person down and kill them to save the world so I'm very happy when I see people are doing what they should and I can avoid a jail sentence. Makes my heart go all fuzzy.

Tweak did well in puppy k today. It made all of the students feel better that *their* dog wasn't the one causing all the ruckus. Plus she did do an awesome demo for heeling. Not that she actually heeled. Oh no, that wouldn't show people how to work their dogs through things. She hit all the major stumbling blocks tho'. Rachel got her and she pulled right away trying to get to other dogs. Rachel worked her through that and then Tweak put on the brakes and laid down. Apparently she thought it wasn't as torturous as she thought because she then started doing what she's supposed to do - heel. Nicely even. She's such a humbling dog. :)

On my way home I stopped at my sister's house to pick up sauce that my mother made. I had a meatball/sausage sandwich while there. We talked for quite a while before I realized that my bedtime was actually on the clock while I looked at it.

I got a phone message today asking when I was going to move to New Jersey again. Susan and Donna want me to move down there so I can be a trainer at dog school. If I could afford it and I didn't have so many ties up here, I'd be down there in a heartbeat. New Jersey has a few flyball teams I could compete with. :p I'll tell ya, she's making it sound more and more appealing each and every time. She got me this time with "Of COURSE I'll sponsor a flyball team for you if you move down here. What do you need a few boxes and a couple of sets of jumps?" Dammit. She had to go for the heart.

Pacie just gave Tweak his butt - I can't stop reciting my poem when I see that. :p Freddie's laying on top of the toy pile and Millie is laying by the bedroom door whining. Clearly it's time for bed.


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