Monday, July 16, 2007

my temporary blog home

Well, since I am still unable to post on my server like I want to do, I've transfered my here in the interim. I've officially given up trying at this point. I can't tell if Blogger isn't playing nice or if my server isn't playing nice. None of it makes sense and Blogger support is mute.

Hence, I am moving my blog off of Blogger.

I have installed the software I need on my server. I have tested it out, adjusted the layout and made it feel somewhat similar without it being identical. Keepin' it fresh, y'know? :)

I'm about 50% done with formatting my previous posts for inclusion into the new software. It's painful. Very painful. 2 1/2 years of thoughts is a lot more than you would think. Or maybe not. It's just painful.

I will update my website to point to the new blog when it's complete, like I did with this one. I will eventually put a redirect in the directory my blog used to live in so I can notify the people that go there directly.

Back to work, but glad to be back!


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