Thursday, July 5, 2007

what fun

I had an awesome time yesterday at the cookout. I posted the pictures on Picasa instead of my site, but the link is on my gallery page. Yeah, I know, there are a lot.

It was odd catching up with someone I used to know. Weird, but good. I don't have experience being a friend so it was a little awkward. Moving on...

Today, Joe & Ellin came by with Floyd so Joe could ground the pool. He added an outlet that I could reach on the deck, which was a huge bonus. :) We BBQed and hung out. Very low key and laid back. :)

Let me just interrupt this to say that one of the dogs has gas. Bad. Man, they're killing me!

Floyd ran around and played with Tweak and Millie all day. Millie hurt her wrist the other day, so after a little running, she got all gimpy and limpy again. Now her nickname is lumpy bumpy limpy gimpy. I'll give her some aspirin, that'll help.

Today I'm not going to do anything but catch up with Tivo. Oh, and probably do a little reading for school, but not much. I haven't turned the TV on all freakin' week and I'm sure there's a ton of stuff to delete. Plus, I have to watch the latest Rescue Me.

Tomorrow I'm going out shopping with my mother so we can spend some mother/daughter time together. I need to grab gifts for some of my favorite people. :)

Saturday I'm going to another BBQ/birthday party. I'll be sure to take a lot of pictures then too. :)



Kim Blanchard said...

Nice pics from the 4th of July barbecue - You'll have to explain a few of them later. Mario was amusing, as usual (You realize there's a "Report inappropriate content" button on that page, right ? VERY TEMPTING, but I managed to leave it alone. Max is are huge - Getting cuter by the day.

Dawn said...

Hahaha! Is there? I'll have to make sure I edit the pics so there isn't any inappropriate content.

Oh wait. I did!

Camera is charged and waiting for Saturday's pics! You going?