Sunday, July 29, 2007


I got to speak to my cousin today. I called her this morning to see if she was up for some breakfast and a trip to the butcher shop. I needed to get more bones for the dogs and was going to be in her area.

We spoke briefly and she said she had to call me back. For those of you with young children, you know that doesn't often actually take place. :P

So, I grabbed my book and jumped in the car to have breakfast down the street. She called me back :!: while I was walking towards the door to the restaurant. After a few minutes of talking, I convinced her to come meet me, which she did. :)

I miss having my cousin around. There are so many things that I want to tell her. I'll think of her and pick up the phone, but realize it's Neely's feeding time or Neely is sleeping or Neely is doing something that needs her immediate attention so I don't call, not wanting to interrupt. So, it was good for us to have a little girl time this morning. :D

After breakfast and a trip to the butcher, I came home, let the dogs out, and played keep away with them until things got out of control and Tweak, Pacie, and Freddie were in the middle of a blow out. The thing I was keeping away was me and they are all protective and jealous when it comes to me. It makes managing the household.... interesting. :]

Once they settled down, I grabbed my book and laid down on the couch for a little relaxation while it was raining. Reading when it's raining is the best thing ever. Having a round room that was my library with a built-in, well-padded window seat is the only way to improve that scenario! Maybe in the next house. :P

I guess I dozed off because I woke up a couple of hours later, book tossed on the floor, and covered in animals. I was on my back, Freddie was behind my one bent knee, Pacie as tucked between my waist and the back of the couch, and Tweak had her butt on my chest with the rest of her curled around my head. If there had been room, I'm sure Millie would've joined in the puppy pile we had.

Shortly afterwards, Sue called again. I was surprised to hear from her again - three times in one day! Woohoo! She said they were grabbing dinner at the little Mexican place up the street from me and would I like to join them. Of course!

During breakfast we had talked about that place saying neither of us had been and we wanted to go. Apparently that stuck in her mind for the rest of the day and she decided there was no time like the present. It was a good choice. :) The food was de-lish, the prices reasonable, the wait staff impeccably mannered and attentive.

After that, I came home, hung out with the dogs, and read a few stories I needed to for homework.

Let's recap my day, shall we?

I slept, ate, read, slept, ate, read and am on my way to bed.

What a freakin' fantastic day!!!


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