Wednesday, July 18, 2007

it's normal...

"Tweak, don't sit on the cat" followed by "Pacie, don't make me kick your little butt" were the last things I said.

All is normal at home. :)

I left work early today to take Millie to the chiropractor. Her neck was *really* out of whack and the middle of her spine was a bit off. She was great with the doctor though and didn't even really mind the activator or the thing that looks like a drill. She's so good. :)

Tweak, Freddie, & I are heading out of town at o'dark hundred am tomorrow. I really think it will be ok but I'm still a little anxious about it. I haven't brought dogs to a work conference before!

Friday I have the conference until noon and then we're off to PA for the tourney. My team and another New England team are meeting up for dinner Friday night. My friends Nancy, Vince, & Donna are coming by to visit and watch some racing Saturday afternoon. Then we're going out for dinner. Up early on Sunday for tourney day 2 and then a long, long ride home Sunday night.

I have Monday off, thankfully. Me thinks I'll be a tad bit tired. :p Millie has another chiro appt Monday night. The rest of the time will be spent making up for lost time with the pups. :)

I have laundry to do, have to change the litter box, empty the trash, change the sheets, pack for the conference, pack for the tourney, do homework, and pack the car before and while I test some web applications that are moving to production tonight.

Think I'll get it all done? Heh.


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