Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The craziness is almost at an end.

I know I'm the cause of my own problems. I know I bite off more than I can chew continuously. That's not up for debate because I'll fully admit that. No big deal.

This weekend we're heading to Caledonia, Ontario for a flyball tournament. I haven't been to this one before so it should be fun. Plus, it's always fun to camp on site.

After that, blessedly, I have a few weeks off!

I've decided not to do the disc demo in June. As much as I'd like to, this weekend is going to be expensive paying $5 gallon for diesel. I really can't take on the additional expense of yet another weekend away. By not going, I'll have 2 weekends in a row to myself - to do things around the house, get the pool going, catch up on homework, work on the business, relax, turn the spare room into an office or any other number of things.

The weekend after that I have Zeke's party on Saturday and a disc competition on Sunday. How sweet is that?

I'll so need some time off from life after this weekend. I need to visit Ellin at some point since her birthday is coming up and I haven't seen her since December. I also need to just zen before I lose my fucking mind.


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